Patrick Mahomes contribution helped get Arrowhead Stadium set up as a polling site


Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes made a major contribution to help increase access for people to vote during this election cycle.

Via Aaron Laad of KSHB 41 in Kansas City, Mahomes’ foundation, in tandem with the Chiefs, helped get the equipment necessary and funded the employment of poll workers in order to turn Arrowhead Stadium into a polling location. The donations helped purchase 25 voting machines and fund 30 poll workers for the stadium polling location.

“I thought it was very important not only just to get as many people out to vote as possible but also to use a place as Arrowhead, where we have a lot of fun, show a lot of love and unity, where people coming together, and use that as a place where we can come together and vote and use our voice,” Mahomes said of the decision on the Huddle and Flow podcast. “I thought Arrowhead was a perfect place for it and the Chiefs were all aboard with it, and some other guys on the team, we all just made our efforts strong and really got it to be a central point for everybody to go vote.”